Home Inspection Services in Louisville, KY

roofing system Louisville, KY

Roofing System

The structure, sheathing, flashing, fascia, ventilation, and gutters are inspected along with chimneys and overhead electric service attachments. We walk every roof we can and put our hands on shingles when we cannot. We specialize in Metal Roofing and use Drone Aerial Photography when we are unable to access any area. The roofing system can be expensive to replace or repair and providing a detailed description of its condition is the goal of every report.

Foundations, Crawlspaces, Piers, & slabs

Ensuring your home is on a firm foundation is paramount.  We like to search crawl spaces and dirty places to find  structural deficiencies, moisture intrusion, settlement, mold, improper grading, lack of vapor barriers, and more. We go into every crawlspace that has access so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

foundation inspection Louisville, KY

hvac inspection Louisville, KY

HVAC Inspection

We test the Heating and AC units for proper ventilation, functionality, short-cycling,  tonnage to square footage, and air flow. We take temperature readings and record start up and thermostat function. We provide you with maintenance tips for prolonging the life of you HVAC units. If repairs are needed please consider one of our preferred contractors from our contractor page.

Plumbing & Electric

 We inspect accessible supply and waste plumbing for leaks and functional flow. We inspect the water heater for proper exhaust, and power, and test for functional heat at sinks, showers, and tubs. We inspect the service panel for balance and compliance,  service entry and outlets for functionality and compliance, we test sub panels, GFCI’s, & AFCI breakers and more.

plumbing and electric home inspections Louisville, KY

3 Phase New Construction Inspections Louisville, KY

3 Phase New Construction Inspections

Building a home, let us Inspect as they build. We offer 3 phase inspections for new construction and 2 phase inspections for major renovations.  It’s never a bad idea to have an expert on your side when building a home so that mistakes are rectified and not concealed.