3 Phase New Construction Inspection in Louisville, KY

Footers & Foundations

Footers & Foundation of Home

Framing, Truss, Mechanicals, & Roofing Inspection

Pipes and Plumbing in Home

The Most critical part of the process; we insure that load bearing walls are centered on footers, Mechanicals are properly installed. We can address with the builder before they are hidden by drywall and sheathing. 

Final Inspection

We schedule a final inspection the week before closing to make sure any previous issues were correctly addressed. We also test all Mechanicals [HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Sump pumps & Lifts, Water heaters, And Appliances.

Radon Testing


We use Corentium Pro II Continuous Monitors for fast and accurate test results.

A Pro at Closing


Building a home can be stressful. Let us accompany you at the final walkthrough. Its harder for a builder or project manager to make excuses when a home inspector is present.